Newest Fiction:

This Won’t Matter – Passengers Journal

I am twenty and an intern the first time they kill someone at the office. It’s a new procedure, something other states have been doing forever but Massachusetts just now is leaning into. Our CEO hangs the man in the courtyard of the office building after someone catches him eating lunch on the clock after two hours of no productivity. It’s a quick way to die, relatively painless. At least, that’s what the doctors say.

Collector of the Dead – Luna Station Quarterly

I am surrounded by the dead. They slip through the swamp and the cypress trees at night, sometimes as a howl, sometimes the burble of the bullfrogs which sit sunning on the swamp lily pads outside of the cabin. There is always a smell when they come. This never changes – always dirt and musk, like the smell you get in a garage or sun porch that hasn’t been used in a long time. It’s the scent of earth that’s been pushed aside, like the corpses have broken through the swamp mud, clawing through the currents and algae to find me.

Forthcoming Pieces:

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We Were Children Once – Hobart

Other Fiction:

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